Players Barefoot

Volleyball England Barefoot Beach Fest 2010

Brighton Beach Fest - doubles and fours
A Volleyball England Participation Event

August 21st and 22nd 2010

The weekend rain didn’t put a dampener on proceedings at the Volleyball England Barefoot Beach Fest tournament. The national event saw a number of local teams win trophies.

Tournament organiser Damion Sulc said “The standard this year was much higher with teams travelling from across the UK to enter. We even had a couple of players from Europe who specifically came to compete in Brighton”

On the Saturday a men’s and women’s doubles tournament took place. There were 120 players making up 60 teams. In the men’s tournament the Brighton based Polish team of Ireneusz Jagszewski and Wojtek Kiedrzynski beat the French pairing of Alex Chevau and Alex Vandeneleken (23-21) in a tight run final.

In the women’s tournament Yellowave Director Katie Mintram got to the final with her partner Soobee Appleton. They came second to Eva Czinegeova and Gabi Medricka, 21-11, who showed why they are regular VEBT national tour winners.

The rain held off for the final of the mixed 4-a-side tournament on the Sunday where Oxford team John Williams, Martijn Stroo, Ketlin Varkki and Ania Scigala beat a Yellowave team of Katie and Spencer Mintram, Damion Sulc and Soobee Appleton in a gripping final finishing 23-21.

Spencer Mintram said “It was such an exciting final. We were five points behind but with the crowds support on home sand we came back to bring the score line to 21 all. Even though we lost, it was a great match.”

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Mens Results

1st Ireneusz Jaguszewski/ Wojtek Kiedrzynski

2nd Alex Chevau/ Alex Vandeneleken

3rd Renato Silva/ Ivan Vatolik

4th John Williams/ Martjin Stroo

5th Damion Sulc/ Spencer Mintram

5th Shaun Morrison/ Maciek Marianski

5th Darek Sieradzki/ Jan Kucherko

5th Peter Dyakiewitz/ Christoph Datler

9th Nick Meacham/ Dusan Valasek

10th Adiran Duhalt/ Louis Ponce

11th Jean-michael Fromentin/ Alberto Zaboli

11th Jon Turner/ Steve Turner

13th Lloyd Hooper/ Phillipe Vandervorst

13th Scott Muir/ Tom Holt

13th Lloyd Lee/ Dimitris Raftopoulos

13th Carsten Menck/ Philippe Dufour-Feronce

17th Romain El Sair/ Stephane Le Fevre

17th Simon Purwar/ Pete Dowdell

19th Brendon Hollands/ Andy Rodziewicz

19th Paul Nash/ Richard Docwra

19th Olly Miller/ Crondon

19th Elvis Bergholle/ Francesco Sierro

19th George Rose/ Lewis Barker

19th Bon Sae-Lang/ Tom Page

25th Gilles Fzylusiak/ Keith NG

25th Greg Coote/ Bhav Solanki

25th Keegan Rowe/ Chris Jentys

25th Jan Vtacik/ Miro Handzus

25th Joey Chan/ Mikolaj Jachowicz

25th Julian Peguignot/ Darius Setsofia

Womens Results

1st Gabi Medricka/ Elfie Czinegeova

2nd Katie Mintram/ Soo-bee Appleton

3rd Ketlin Varkki/ Anna Scigala

4th Jenny Grafe/ Sara Tyler

5th Ali Perkins/ Ali West

5th Dorota Westfall/ Paulina Michalowska

5th Claudia Stich/ Celine Guitteny

5th Geraldine Sancho/ Julie Kouamo

9th Martina Ciacura/ Mojca Cerhago

10th Saskia Mueller/ Cristina Plazas

11th Sandra Rogat/ Lorene Derrodier

11th Kaphleen Nolan/ Milena Mastroianni

13th Amelia Hart/ Aleks Krotoski

13th Kirstin Schulz/ Zerana Doye

13th Rita Sim/ Ana Sofia Vila Verde

13th Theresa Farley/ Emma Churcher

17th Sophie Coatnoan/ Erika Blanco

17th Elina Treija/ Jana Janaskova

19th Rosie Hawkins/ Petra Kaiser

19th Maggie Okopny/ Rita A

19th Linda Moll/ Katja Gless

19th Thurka Sivapalan/ Kirsty Meynell

19th Jackie Morgan/ Louise Rose

19th Martina Vankova/ Ruth Woolman

25th Laetitia Perrot/ Carla Randall

25th Sarah Bitti/ Solange Mahouahoua

25th Rachel Bohannan/ Claudia Lambert

25th Ttoni Brown/ Sophie Lovell

25th Johanna Endres/ Renata Bevanda

25th Michelle Brindenbaker/ Hannah Carey